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Welcome to John Townsend's humble website. He was born in East London in 1976. He spent his early years climbing trees and running for Newham & Essex Beagles, this unique childhood fuelled his life of adventure. Then on the 10th of April 1992 at 9:20 pm, a huge bomb was detonated in front of the Baltic Exchange building in London. Unbeknown to John, this unfortunate event would shape his life. One of the bombing victims was 15-year-old Danielle Carter, who was waiting in a car outside the exchange. She was also, one of his closest school friends.

For many years after that tragic event, John was fortunate enough to work across the world, as a security specialist. After retiring in October 2010, he decided to stay within the security industry, working as a door supervisor across the North of England. John still looks after the occasional celebrity, but his main focus these days is running his own training company, Camden Training and working at arenas across the UK for Showsec International. 

While working with John, he will take care of you, your patrons, your personnel and your property. He is a well-established trainer, security specialist & Frec 3 Medic. John also understands that effective action is crucial to your business. He will tailor his services to you and your circumstances. In order to provide you with the best possible service, John is constantly up skilling himself. He feels by doing this he can react to different situations, in a forever changing world. 

When working for Showsec, John wears many different hats, Steward, DS, Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, Head of Security and Trainer. These casual roles, have equipped him with many skills. The intense in house training, has taught him to deal with difficult situations. As a trainer John provides an enriched learning environment, that aims to help countless students get ahead. John's exceptional knowledge and teaching methods helps you prepare for the next steps in your career, while Simultaneous trying to broaden your horizons and improving your current skill level.

Outside of work, John lives a very secluded life. He loves nothing more than spending time with his Cane Corso and best friend Memphis Mae, He is also currently training for London Edinburgh London 2025. The LEL is a 1500km self-supported cycle ride across the United Kingdom, between the iconic capital cities of England and Scotland. Unfortunately, you have only 125 hours to make your way around to Edinburgh and back.

Find out how John can help you. Get in touch today.